There is just one type of membership for Wellesbourne Wheelers Cycling Club - scroll down to complete an online application form (and see footnote about "Linked" members)

From the launch of WWCC on 1 January 2016 annual memberships will be £5.00 and will run until 31 December 2016*    Memberships are only available to over 18s.

Membership is managed online through the secure PaySubs Online service, with secure payment by Paypal (Paypal account, Debit or Credit cards)   When you reach the payment area** use the "Pay by Card" option to make a SINGLE payment   DO NOT USE the "Pre-authorise future payments" option (see the sub-menu page about payment if you are in doubt)

**The response from the Payment link when you have entered all the information may take a few seconds to display - do not click the PaySubs icon!

NOTE: The online membership system offers a "linked member" option for couples etc.  That creates a "lead member" and "linked members" - if you join on a Lead + Linked basis only the Lead member will be registered for emails and renewals etc.   It is preferable for couples to join as "single" members (that can be done in the same cart transaction with a single payment)   ALL members, lead and linked, will be registered for the Forum
* the flat fee of £5.00 will apply regardless of the date of joining WWCC.  The membership year will run from 1 January - 31 December.