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All our ride groups meet on the Old Ettington Road in Wellesbourne, next to the playing fields and adjacent to the Co-op.  Please assemble on the side of the road away from the pavement.

All ride details are published in the Events section of this Website.

Club Ride - Sunday

Meet time is 09.00 on Sunday morning.  The Club ride is normally of between 45 and 55 miles at an average speed of between 14 to 16 mph.  The ride often splits into two speed groups before the start of the ride. The Club ride has a coffee stop and this is usually taken at about the halfway point of the ride.

Sunday Club riders aim to be back in Wellesbourne about lunchtime. Ride Leaders usually decide on a route for the day which they share with the Club WhatsApp group the day before the ride and members are able to download the route if they wish.

Sunday Club Group Organiser - Vacant

Casual Ride - Sunday

The Sunday Casual Ride meet time is 9.30 on Sunday morning.  Distance is typically 20 to 30 miles at an average speed of between 11 and 13 mph. A coffee stop is usually taken around the halfway point of the ride.



Sunday Casual Group Organiser - Mike Wallace


Tuesday Morning Ride

The Tuesday morning ride meets at 10.15am, open to all and can split into subgroups depending on the requirements of the riders. Routes to be 25-28 miles with the aim of all subgroups getting back to Wellesbourne at 12.00pm, typically meeting up at the Garden Shed for refreshments after. Routes to be decided on the day by the group/subgroup, examples can be taken from the ‘short routes’ on the website.


Tuesday Morning Acting Group Leader - Simon Hamilton-Smith



Tuesday Evening Ride

The Tuesday evening ride meets at 6.30pm. during the lighter months.  It can be very popular and the ride can split into three or even four different sub-groups depending on the requirements of the riders.  All subgroups aim to return by 8.30pm.



Tuesday Evening Group Organiser - Paul Markwick


Mountford Group - Thursday

The Mountford group meet at 10am on Thursday.  They tend to complete a maximum of 20 to 25 miles. The pace is relaxed – maybe between 10 and 13 mph and, whilst there are a few hills included in the routes, they are generally not as challenging as those of the other groups and nobody gets left behind.

The Mountford group usually take a coffee break.

Mountford Group Organisers - Richard & Sue Bacon.



Dene Group - Thursday

Dene usually meet at 10.15 on Thursday. Distance is a maximum of 35 miles typically at speeds of between 12 and 15 mph.

As with all our groups if the group gets split up for any reason (on hill climbs, for instance), then we wait and regroup accordingly, so that nobody ever gets left behind.  The rides include a stop for coffee (and cake).


Dene Group Organiser - David Thomas


Hastings Group - Thursday

The Hastings ride usually meet at 10.30 and ride for about 40 to 45 miles, although this may increase to 50 - 55 miles in summer, usually getting back to Wellesbourne before 15.00.  For guidance speeds usually average between 14 and 17 mph.

We generally have a lunch stop and this can be taken at various venues at about the half way point of the ride.

If the group gets split up for any reason (on hill climbs, for instance), then we wait and regroup accordingly, so that nobody ever gets left behind.

Hastings Group Organiser - Gary Gristwood


Women's Group - Tuesday Evening (Seasonal)

On Tuesday evenings during the longer days we run a Women's ride.  The pace is steady without too many hills and we usually finish at the pub for refreshments with the Tuesday Evening ride members.

Some winter rides may also be organised on an ad hoc basis so keep an eye on the Events schedule.

Women's Group Organiser - Alison Speechly



Details for all rides are listed under "Events".

It is a requirement for all riders to be members of the club, however new riders may ride once on an organised club ride as a "guest rider".  Prospective members should register their interest by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. giving details of the ride they are interested in, riding ability and experience.

The wearing of an approved cycle helmet is mandatory for all club rides and it is recommended that each rider carries with them an "In case of Emergency (ICE)" card or equivalent.