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Potential Cyprus Cycling Holiday - 2020

For the past few years the club has organised a spring trip to Majorca.  This year we are investigating the possibility of us going to Cyprus instead.  At this point it is just a feasibility study but if you are interested in spending a week cycling in Cyprus please let Gary know before Monday 16th September.

A few more details from Gary:

  • We have information about two places where we can hire bikes - one of which is a new venture opened up in Larnaca last year to capitalise on the increasing popularity of road cycling on the island.
  • We are aware of some potential accommodation for us near Larnaca.
  • There are flat route options (the south of the island) and hill climbing options (the Troodos Mountains), so something for everybody!
  • The opportunity to ride with two clubs as guest riders over the course of a weekend.
  • A chance to ride into Northern Cyprus.
  • Perhaps, most importantly of all, we have inside information on the best places to eat and drink at during the evenings!

Potential dates for the trip are Wednesday 6th May to Wednesday 13th May- this to optimise (if such a thing is possible!) the best riding conditions and also to allow those planning to ride the Majorca 312 on April 26th the opportunity to do both if they so wish.

This would afford us a potential itinerary of travelling on the Wednesday, doing our own thing on the Thursday and Friday, riding with the clubs at the weekend and then doing our own thing again on the Monday and Tuesday, before returning home on the Wednesday.

We’re not even at the stage of costing the holiday yet - all we want to know at the moment is if you would potentially be interested in making the trip?