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Liability Insurance


Liability insurance for the club and for individual riders - these notes are for guidance, clarity and information only

Definition : Liability insurance purchased by an insured (the first party) from an insurer (the second party) for protection against the claims of another (the third) party. The first party is responsible for its own damages or losses whether caused by itself or the third party.

NOTE : The insurance cover afforded to WWCC and its members by affiliation to CTC is ONLY in respect of Organiser's liability - it does not cover any other risk e.g. personal liability*, theft, medical, injury, loss of life etc.  Members should make their own arrangements as they wish.

Organiser's Liability Insurance

WWCC has Organiser's Liability Insurance as part of its Affiliation fee to CTC. The Insurance Broker is Butterworth Spengler and the policy provider is Royal & Sun Alliance. It provides up to £10m of liability insurance cover for the club's Officers and Ride Leaders.

Key points:

- All WWCC members will be registered with CTC as WWCC Ride Leaders.
    - WWCC Secretary provides CTC with name and membership number for CTC members.
    - WWCC Secretary provides CTC with name & address of non-CTC Members.
- All WWCC members will be covered (CTC & non-CTC members)
- Geographic coverage is Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands only.
- Maximum of 200 riders per event.
   - If over 200 riders the Secretary submits an Event Registration form to CTC
- Cover does not extend to competitive events like Track Cycling, Time Trials and Cycle Races.
- Only registered WWCC First Aiders (if any) will be covered if a claim is brought concerning any First Aid given.

*Riders' Liability Insurance

This means insurance cover for an individual rider against claims from another person - membership of WWCC does not include insurance for individual riders unless they are the designated leader of a ride. 

It is a requirement of WWCC membership for members to have their own third party liability insurance - this can be obatined in a number of ways, some examples are:

1  Membership of a cycling body (e.g. CTC or British Cycling) in a classifaction that includes third party liability insurance

2  Cover afforded by, for example, a household or other general insurance policy

3  Cover afforded by a specific third party insurance policy

The WWCC membership application requires members to confirm the form of third party liability insurance that they hold, and will hold for the period of their membership of WWCC