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About us

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Wellesbourne Wheelers was started early in 2015 by local cyclist Gary Gristwood.

Gary felt there was a need for a midweek cycling group to meet the needs of those who have retired or taken early retirement, people who work part time/flexible hours or, indeed, like some of our riders, those who have their own business and decide the hours they work.

We had our first ride at the end of February 2015 and have ridden pretty much every Thursday since then.

2016 saw us become an official club with CTC affiliation and this development gives us the extra peace of mind that comes with the third-party liability insurance cover for the club's ride leaders. In 2022 we switched to become affiliated by British Cycling but with the same benefits as with CTC.

The new club status allowed us to add other rides outside the original Thursday outing: the formation of an additional two groups on a Thursday, a morning and evening group on Tuesdays and two ride groups on Sundays. All our rides are described on the Group Rides page. 

In May 2016, some of our riders went on their first overseas cycling tour to Majorca for a week and we've run a club trip most years since with our latest trip being to Cyprus in October 2023