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Cycling for COVID vaccines

'The UN, and others, have said that "no-one is safe until everyone is safe". We can be reassured that developed nations, like UK, have generally made good progress with Covid vaccination. However, many developing nations, especially ones in Africa, have barely started to get "jabs in arms".
Local cyclist Tony Beesley, a member of our Wellesbourne Wheelers Club, wanted to do something about this. "This is a global issue" says Tony, "and not all countries have the wonderful NHS or the financial support that we in the UK are fortunate to have. I felt I wanted to contribute in any way I could."
While work colleagues in the UK and globally were completing sponsored walks, Tony chose to cycle as a worn hip makes walking painful. He rode 100 miles on 4 September, a long way for most people and more remarkable as Tony had only been back in the saddle for a month after a long (non-cycling) injury layoff. "It was a relief to get to lunch with 70 miles already behind me", says Tony. "I knew then that I would complete the ride and repay the confidence that my generous sponsors had placed in me."
Even before setting off, Tony had smashed his fundraising target, but there is still a long way to go before everyone in the poorest nations has had their chance of vaccination. If you would like to support the UNICEF Vaccinaid programme to "give the world a shot", you can do so directly at www.vaccinaid.org '
Article copied from the Wellesbourne & Walton News