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Rawlinson Bracket

The club was well represented at the Rawlinson Bracket this year with 6 riders completing the Top Bracket, two doing the Bottom Bracket and one doing a bit of both!

Big winner of the day was Sarah Odell who not only looks to have come in as second lady on the Bottom Bracket but also walked off with some delicious looking prizes from the raffle.

Nick Dykes turned in a mightily impressive Strava time for the Top Bracket of under 2hrs 53 minutes while even the slow boys went under 3hrs 35mins.  The Official Chip timings will probably be a little higher due to the brief stop for water at Brailles but still a very satisfactory days work.

For those of you who haven't had a go at the Bracket it is a very rewarding event with two options, one very hilly, one not so hilly.  The event is very well organised, it's for a very good cause, raising money for Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) and has very good cake at the end. Well worth a crack next year!!