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CFC Meon Vale Spring Classic - Daffodil Ride

The CFC Meon Vale Daffodil Ride took place on Sunday 17th March and we had at least 15 riders involved with representation at every distance. 

A very good day was had by all, despite bracing temperatures at the start and a very unfriendly head wind for the last 5 miles of the course.

For those of who were daft enough to enjoy its charm Dovers Hill was as much fun as it usually is, although it seemed even longer than usual for some reason.  The long flat start tempted one or two of us to go a bit too fast early on and we payed for it when the gradients and wind started to take their toll later on.

Events like this are great fun, raise money for very worthwhile charities and allow the club to get its colours seen among the local cycling fraternity.  The CFC hold their next local event in May and I'd encourage you to give it a go.