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Strava Week

The Club's first Strava week is nearly here with prizes to be won and to help you keep a check on progress through the week a Strava "widget" has been added to the website.

Results of first Strava Week

1. Greatest distance – Nick Hawtin, 200 miles
2. Longest ride – Dave Thomas, 76 miles
3. Most climbing – Martin Bemrose, 8,763’
4. Most achievements – Alison Speechly, 59

For those of you who don't use Strava:

  1. It is free to use
  2. You can run the Strava app on your smartphone to record your rides
  3. You can download your ride data to Strava from your Garmin or Wahoo device (and probably others too)
  4. You can share your rides with friends and club mates (or both!)
  5. ...and it's free

Have a look people's mileages for this week and last by clicking on the "View all of the club's activity" button on the Strava widget.