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July 2020 - Club rides return

Finally, after a number of months, the club is now in a position to resume formal club rides. This is brilliant news, and I hope you are all as excited as us that we are now able to do so. It is also understood if you wish to leave it for a period before resuming. I personally think that in these times the best course of action is the one that you feel most comfortable with.
We have updated the Wellesbourne Wheelers Riding Guidance for you which describes how club rides will resume. I would be grateful if you could read them and ensure that you are in full knowledge of how our formal rides will resume. In summary;

  1. No group ride will have more than 6 people, and you should not change group during the ride;
  2. Two abreast riding is now permitted, where safe to do so, keeping to the government's 1m+ guidance;
  3. Whilst no formal booking system, your attendance must be communicated via the relevant WhatsApp group (or via a short email to the ride leader for those not using WhatsApp) in advance so we know how many people are attending group rides and splits can be made accordingly;
  4. Thursday rides will have staggered start times to ensure we do not have a large gathering of people at the usual meeting place, Mountford will leave at 10am, Dene at 10:15am and Hastings at 10:30.

Whilst not the full resumption of pre-lockdown group riding, it is great to be able to start re-introducing formal club rides.
We hope to see you on a Club ride soon.

Regards,  Alex Jones,  Chairman